Vertical baggers

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Bosch SVE DZ Doy Zip -pakkemaskin

Bosch SVE DZ Doy Zip – packaging machine

Vertical baggers delivered by our principals will ensure you a high quality and cost-effective production with a guaranteed delivery to your customers. The vertical baggers are designed to be easy to use, convenient to clean and format changes are performed safe and easy. Together with our principals, we take care of supplying spare-parts and service for the packaging machines we deliver.

Packaging machines can be fitted with equipment for feeding of inert-gas to ensure the lowest amount of residual oxygen in the package. Degassing valves are for instance used in coffee packages.

Bosch has both vertical and horizontal bag filling and closing machines in its product program.

Vertical baggers - VFFS

Bosch offers a wide range of vertical baggers. Depending on the machine model you can choose between several different bag styles: pillow bags, block bottom bags, 4-corner-seal bags and Doy Style bags with or without reclosing features.

Typical products packed on Bosch vertical bagger are:

- sweets 
- chocolate 
- biscuits 
- bakery products 
- coffee 
- sugar 
- spices 
- flours 
- cereal 
- snacks 
- chips
- nuts
- dried fruit 
- deep frozen berries and vegetables 
- salads 
- breakfast products (cereal, granola)

The vertical bagger is also suitable for meat-, fish-, and seafood products, grated cheese, cheese cubes and techno chemical products.

The different models of Bosch vertical baggers are:

Bosch SVE – vertical bagger:

The Bosch SVE family of vertical baggers are continuous motion machines with an output of 10-380 bags/minute. Bag sizes vary from small portion sized bags up to 15 l bags.

Bosch SVC – packaging machines:

Bosch SVC high hygiene – posepakker

Bosch SVC high hygiene – vertical bagger

The Bosch SVC family of vertical baggers are continuous motion machines for products requiring a highly hygienic environment like salads, meat products, fish- and seafood products and baby food. The SVC-machines are wash-down version and can be cleaned with detergent and water.

Bosch SVI – packaging machines:

The Bosch SVI family of vertical baggers are intermittent motion machines with an output of 1-120 bags/minute. Bag sizes vary from small portion sized bags up to 15 l bags.

Bosch PME – packaging machines:

Bosch PME 4001 - vertical bagger for coffee

Bosch PME 4001 - vertical bagger for coffee

The Bosch PME family of vertical baggers are intermittent machines mostly produced for packaging coffee. PME–machines can be manufactured as a single vertical bagger or as a machine with an additional horizontal chain. In the horizontal part of the machine top of the bag can be folded and reclosed with adhesive tapes, Tin-Ties and Clips.

Vertical baggers suited for 10-50 kg, please see more information at Sack filling.

Dosing equipment

As dosing equipment for the vertical baggers we deliver multi head weighers, auger fillers, netweighers, volumetric fillers and counters. On request we also deliver feeding systems for the product to the dosing equipment, gantries and service platforms.

Horizontal baggers - HFFS flow wrapping machines

Bosch offers a wide variety of different flowpack machines and solutions starting from manually fed flowpack machines to fully automated highspeed horizontal flowpacking systems including product buffering and feeding systems. Depending on the machine type the output is 10-1750 products per minute. More information about the flowpack machines can be found at HFFS flow wrapping machines.

Packaging lines

We also deliver complete packaging lines including vertical baggers, horizontal flow wrappers, dosing equipment and product feeding solutions as well as case packers. More information can be found at packaging lines.

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